Heart-warming tribute to Veterans (11 minutes)

Emmy Award Winning Short Film Seen By Millions Of People On TV, In Theatres, And On The Internet At Such Places As:

  • The American Forces Network
  • The Pentagon Channel
  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Family International Film Festival
  • GI Film Festival

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A Navy Veteran’s daily routine of putting up the flag in a retirement community is interrupted when an Army Veteran moves in across the courtyard. They begin a war of one-upmanship as they fight to beat each other to the flag each morning.

Reveille depicts the true-life rivalry between the different divisions of the U.S. Armed Forces and the bond and respect that all Veterans share from having served under one flag.

Stars David Huddleston from such films as “Blazing Saddles” and “The Big Lebowski” and James McEachin from “Play Misty For Me” and TV’s “Perry Mason Mysteries”.


The film is dedicated to everyone who serves and has served in the US (American) Armed Forces. This includes the friends and families to the soldiers. To those of you that fall under this category, we can only say…

Thank You!

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The film is now available on DVD. This short film memorial is a perfect gift for families and friends of soldiers or anyone who supports the men and women who serve in the Military such as the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Reserves, or US Coast Guard.

Many people have asked for this tribute film to be made available on DVD. The film has been available on You Tube for
many years and can still be viewed by going to:

See why the film has a been so well received by so many people!

No copies of the DVD can be made without the express written consent by Brothers’ Ink Productions, but the film can be viewed by large groups for CHURCH ORGANIZATIONS, SCHOOLS, GOVERNMENT GATHERINGS, MEMORIAL SERVICES, BOY OR GIRL SCOUT GROUPS,  by the AMERICAN FORCES or SUPPORT GROUPS for the US FORCES or VETERANS GROUPS without written authorization.

We want the film to be viewed by as many people as possible and want to make it available to be watched at tributes and memorials for our American Veterans.

Reveille Film Tribute David Huddleston James McEachin

Spotlight Interview: Actor James McEachin caught up with James McEachin to talk about his projects, both old and new. What he shared during that interview was filled with poignant moments and many surprises.

MBY—After all you have done in your career, how did such wonderful, powerful stories as Reveilleand Old Glory come about?

JAMES MCEACHIN—I don’t want to take credit for something I don’t deserve. I wasn’t involved with the creation of Reveille. Long story short—I had written a book called Farewell to Mockingbirds, and someone related to that project told me about his idea for a film short. I read the script and liked it. David Huddleston’s name came up for the soldier who would play opposite me. David was my lieutenant on the Tenafly series. As it all came together, we set a shooting date. I stopped by on my way to Washington, DC, to give a speech. We shot the film, and I
forgot about it. I was more into doing books, so I really didn’t worry too much about any films I was involved with. A year went by, and I got an email from one of our troops in Iraq. He wrote about this great film he had seen, Reveille, and how much it meant to him and all his buddies.

MBY—How did the soldier find you?

JM—I’m not really sure. I don’t know why the email would have come to me, rather than the film people. Anyway the soldier asked if I could send an autographed copy of the film. I got a couple of copies
and send them to Iraq. That led to more and more requests, so I called a friend who suggested that
we put it online so the soldiers could simply download it from wherever they were. This was May 28, 2006. The rest, as they say, is history.

MBY—Did you have any idea the film would have the kind of impact it has?

JM—No way. I thought it was a nice little film, but I never thought it would stop traffic.

MBY—What kind of numbers are we talking about?

JM—It started out, just with word of mouth, getting fifty hits a day, then a couple of hundred, then a
few thousand, then it just exploded. You should read some of the letters I’ve received. It is
incredible the response from the wonderful people out there. It has literally changed my life!

MBY—What kind of letters?

JM—Some of the most heart-felt letters you will ever read. They made the assumption that I  was part of the creation of the film, so I got a lot of credit for something I didn’t do.

MBY—Why do you think people responded so positively to you?

JM—I supposed it was the character I played. I’m sure David Huddleston has received a deluge of mail, too. There was just something special about the story that played out, even though there were no words spoken.

MBY—Without giving all the story away, do you remember any special things that you brought to the filming that helped make the part so memorable to people?

JM—It’s always a creative process when you are shooting. I mainly remember saying that the guy needs to stand here, and that he needs to have a limp, and that he needs to have a certain attitude. Like I said, the script was already done. Hopefully I brought something special to the project.

MBY—People obviously think so. The response has continued to grow…



"Thanks so much for your moving and poignant video "Reveille", and thank you for your efforts to showcase the heritage of our veterans. I'm a retired Naval Officer, with a Father that served 24 years in the Navy (Retired Chief Petty Officer), and a grandfather that served in the Army, fighting in the Phillipines in World War II. I'm thankful for, and mindful of the service and sacrifices individuals like you have made, and I'm very appreciative of your tribute to our band of brothers (and sisters). May you be richly blessed for devoting your time, passion and resources to this film; it is bringing a tear to many of our eyes, but it is also bringing fond memories of friends, shipmates and fellow warriors. I wish you peace, good health, and my family's fondest wishes for fair winds and following seas."

-Randall Tucker Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy (Retired)

“I just finished watching REVEILLE, this was a very moving film short, God bless you for your service to this fine country! I have always been the kind of patriot that will go out of my way to thank a man or woman in uniform for their service, or if I see someone that may be a Vietnam, Korean, or WWII Vet, I will do the same. Because as your film short portrays, we are losing our WWII and Korean Vets at a tremendous rate, and they should be thanked at every opportunity for their service.”

-David A. Whitten Director of Marketing and Media Relations, Packages from Home

“Your short film Reveille made my eyes sweat.  Thank you very much for making it.”


“My sister sent me a link to your short film, Reveille.  People send me links like this all the time.  But when I saw this, I was truly touched.  (Still wiping my eyes – good flick!)”

-Lauren Kelly

“A friend emailed me the site for the film short, Reveille.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching it and recognized Mr. McEachin and Mr. Huddleston immediately.  It brought tears to my eyes as I remembered my father, a decorated WWII veteran, who passed away in 2001.”

-Carolyn Cunningham PEO Aviation Special Program

“Amazing how a film with not one single word spoken can be so moving. Thank you for posting this magnificent piece. Thank you very much.”


“On behalf of the nearly 1-million U.S. Armed Forces stationed overseas in 175 countries and aboard U.S. Navy ships at sea, many thanks to you and Brothers’ Ink Productions for your support of our worldwide military broadcasting mission.”

-Tom Weber Director, Industry Liaison – American Forces Network, Defense Media Center

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