Pitch Videos and Trailers

Pitch videos and film trailers is an excellent way to show an audience a quick preview of what you intend to present in full length format at a later date. Sample images and cut footage presented in a quick way to get your ideas across either as a pitch for a much bigger project or to entice people to want to be a part of something or simply get them excited about a film project and make them want to see more.

For people who want to get a project or production funded by a crowd in crowdfunding or to individual investors, nothing beats putting together a “pitch video”. A pitch video can and should include film shot already for the films, stills of behind the scenes, music, and dialogue for the project as well as an appeal straight to the viewer and a request to join in the making of the production.

Here are some pitch videos we’ve put together in the past for very successful crowdfunding campaigns and individual private placement memorandum investor presentations:

Pitch Video For Crowdfunding Campaign For Locker 13 Movie
Pitch Video For PPM Package For Capture The Flag Movie

Trailers can be a quick montage of images and music to engage an audience to see your film, or can be an animatic of images intended to give an audience an idea of what you intend to film later on. Another way to pitch for funding or to ready an audience for your production. Here are some samples of a few trailers we made:

Locker 13 Movie Trailer
Zombies vs Gladiators Movie Trailer Pitch

For more information about our un-produced project, Zombies vs Gladiators, Please go to: https://brothers-ink.com/2016/04/zombies-vs-gladiators-the-brothers-ink-draft/

For more information about our produced full-length feature thriller movie, Locker 13, starring Ricky Schroder, Bart Johnson, Curtis Armstrong, Jon Gries and more, please go to: https://brothers-ink.com/productions/locker-13/

For more information about our current pitch to investors for funding of the feature length film, Capture the Flag, to star Dick Van Dyke and Louis Gossett Jr, please go to our “In Development” page at https://brothers-ink.com/in-development/

If you are interested in hiring Brothers’ Ink Productions in helping you create a pitch video or trailer for your project, crowdfunding campaign or marketing campaign, please fill out the form below!