About Brothers’ Ink Productions


Brothers’ Ink Productions, opened in 2004 with offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Los Angeles, California. The company has participated in over 40 film festivals across the country, won over 20 awards for their films and screenplays, and sold and optioned several screenplays. Many of the films have aired on TV and their award-winning film “Reveille” has shown on the American Forces Network and the Pentagon Channel. Brothers’ Ink Productions won a Rocky Mountain Emmy® Award for “Reveille” on October 6th, 2007.

​Brothers’ Ink Productions is a production company focused on creating commercial films that are high in quality at conservative budgets. Brothers’ Ink utilizes the business model of creating a short-film as proof of concept for its subsequent features pioneered by industry giants Pixar Studios and Aardman Animations Ltd, but within a live-action setting.

Brothers’ Ink Productions consists of producers; John Waldron, Jason Walters, Nick Stahr, Adam Devaney, Neil Mather and brothers Adam Montierth and Donovan Montierth.

Brothers’ Ink Productions released our first feature film in 2014, Locker 13. Locker 13 was released theatrically, on DVD and on all digital platforms and stars Ricky Schroder, Rick Hoffman, Bart Johnson, Jon Gries, Jon Polito, Jason Spisak, Jason Marsden, Curtis Armstrong, David Huddleston, Krista Allen, Tatyana Ali and Jose Rosete.

Brothers’ Ink Productions will be releasing their new line of children’s books, based on their award-winning short films in 2015 as well as their first non fiction book about the film industry called 100 Years of the Best Movie Stunts.

donovan montierth emmy adam montierthHow did Brothers’ Ink Productions Come To Be?

In 2004, twin brothers Adam Montierth & Donovan Montierth along with writing partner, Jason Walters, wrote, produced and directed a little 35mm film that changed their lives. That film, which started out as a tribute to their grandfather, was called Reveille and starred film and American Forces Veteran’s David Huddleston and James McEachin.  Reveille soon was screened at over 50 film festivals, winning over 20 awards and was shown on The Pentagon Channel and the American Forces Network. In 2007, it was viewed by the Armed Forces in Balad, Iraq, became a viral sensation by being viewed to over 5 million people on Google Video (before there was YouTube) and won the twins an Emmy Award.

Adam & Donovan spent the next few years trying to get a feature film based on Reveille produced called Capture the Flag.  At one point, in 2008-2009, the film looked like it was finally going to be made, they had a $5 million dollar budget through a hedge fund and signed actors and Veteran’s James Garner and Louis Gossett Jr.  The recession hit and the hedge fund withdrew the funds before they could start production and the film went into turnaround.

During this time, Adam and Donovan recruited the talents of Nick Stahr, Neil Mather, John Waldron and Adam Devaney to join Brothers’ Ink producing team.

Brothers’ Ink Productions regrouped with the help of Executive Producer John Waldron and decided to produce a thriller anthology series in the style of the old Night Gallery, Twilight Zone and Amazing Stories TV Shows that the twins loved so much in their youth. At a much lower budget and with thriller scripts that had twist endings, their strategy would be to recruit recognizable TV actors to act in 5-7 short segments that could be pieced together as a TV show or full-length feature film if it wasn’t picked up for series.  Each segment would have a different director but have a similar tone and structure.

Locker 13 has grown to include 4 Kindle eBooks, a Graphic Novel and a full-length feature starring TV favorites Ricky Schroder, Rick Hoffman, Jon Gries, Jon Polito, David Huddleston, Krista Allen, Talyana Ali, Curtis Armstrong, Jessie Garcia, Jason Marsden, Jason Spisak and Thomas Calabro.

“When Locker 13 was turned down by the Networks for a TV Show, we re-edited the segments into the movie it is today,” Adam shares the experience, “with a wrap-around story that features a sage-like supervisor of a wild west theme park telling morality tales to his wayward young steward.  We found this to be a great way to portray the philosophical consequences for making the wrong choices. When we submitted the film to the MPAA we were slapped in the face with an R rating for “some violence”, but were told in confidence that it was just too “dark” in tone and a committee of 3 people were involved in the rating. (one of which voted for a PG-13) We went to the President of the MPAA for re-consideration, citing Expendables,Taken, and even the Lone Ranger as examples of much more violent films rated PG-13, but she decided to back her committee and stood by the R-rating. Again, in confidence, we were told that the PG-13 rating was specifically reserved for studio films and that independent films were either grouped in the straight PG or R categories and thus we were stuck with the R.”

Donovan adds, “Needless-to-say, this didn’t sit well with us as it goes against everything we stand for as family men, married men of 23 years each, Eagle Scouts, and ex-missionaries.  So, we’ve re-dedicated ourselves to making ONLY family films and TV shows. Thus began our mission to be the faces of clean and clever comedy. We started to produce live comedy shows on stage with amazing comedy troupes like the Jester’z and JK Studios and stand-up comedians like Robert Mac. These shows lead us to the GLOW-UP TOUR, and working with actors and influencers like Sean Astin, Lindsay Sterling, Dick Van Dyke, Pat Finn, Jason Gray, Brooke White, Jon Heder and so many more wonderful performers. We have now produced 3 family friendly clean comedy productions and look forward to so many more.

Stand Up Comedian Robert Mac