What is a Movie Press Kit?


Over the next few months, I will use the website blog to document some elements of independent film production that we have gone through in the past and share specific examples of our process along the way.  I hope this new series of posts becomes a good resource for young filmmakers following after us.
BrosInk Logo (1)When we released the feature film, Locker 13 to theatres and to DVD in 2014, we put together some documents and photos full of information and sent them out to anyone and everyone in the press that would be inclined to discuss the film.  This included magazines, blogs, newspapers, radio, TV, journalists, and the media in general. This document and all of it’s attachments became our makeshift, “Press Kit”.  EPK stands for Electronic Press Kit. Whatever you want to call it. We included the background on the film, and production, the loglines, the biographies on the cast and crew, pictures of behind the scenes and stills from the film, links to interviews, links to websites for the film and so on.

Here is a sample of a 4 page EPK we sent out to a few places, I’m attaching it as a link here in Word so you can get a sample of what it would look like and for format and everything.  If I were to just cut and past into the blog, the formatting would change drastically.

Locker 13 Movie Press Kit 2-2014

In April of 2014, we also were scheduled to attend the Phoenix Comicon as an example of what you do during exposure and publicity for a movie.  We had a panel on the making of the film that would include Jon Gries (he ended up not being able to make it as he was filming Taken 3), Jason Spisak and Executive Producers John Waldron and Donovan and Adam Montierth.  We sent ahead to the Comicon, biographies of the panel members, here’s what that included:

Locker 13 Phoenix Comicon Attendees Biographies

Here’s some behind the scene photos and stills from the film that we would include in our Press Kit:

Behind the Scenes of Gunsight Pass for Locker 13

Shooting of the Gun Fight at Gunsight Pass!Adam Devaney Matthew Mebane Ricky Schroder

Director Matthew Mebane, with Producer, Art Director Adam Devaney, and Actor, Producer Ricky SchroderBruce Dellis and David Huddleston

Director Bruce Dellis with Actor David HuddlestonJohn Waldron

Executive Producer John Waldron during an Interview for the film

On the Set of Gunsight Pass 4

Director Adam Montierth and the cast and crew for The Other Side

Ricky Schroder Jon PolitoRicky Schroder and Jon Polito in the Down and Out segment
Jon Gries and Jason Spisak 2

Jon Gries and Jason Spisak in The Other Side segmentBart Johnson and David Huddleston

Bart Johnson and David Huddleston in the Bizantine Order segment