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100 Years of the Best Movie Stunts goes back over the last 100 years and picks 1 movie every year to recognize for their stunt achievements and to tell the stories, incredible trivia, and interviews from the people that were there behind and in front of the camera.  Unsung heroes.  Stunt Men and Women, along with Stunt Coordinators and Second Unit / Action Directors have created some of the most thrilling moments ever seen in the movies.  100 Years of the Best Movie Stunts celebrates those moments and the Stunt Teams behind them.

Lists are very popular today.  This is a list of the top movie stunts, highlighting 1 movie every year from 1913 to 2016.  The book is perfect for today’s multimedia world where photos and short chapters resonate with the modern reading public. The chapters are short and feature fascinating trivia, great lobby cards, posters and film stills and interesting stories behind the scenes.  Anyone who loves movies and have ever wondered who were the people behind some of the most exciting stunts ever performed in them would find this book fun and informative.

  1. Target Audience

Movie lovers are the core audience.  This audience will also include film students, extreme sports fans, and people interested in film history.

III. About the Author

Donovan Montierth has written, sold and optioned several screenplays, including adapting two novels from popular thriller authors into scripts. Donovan was also included as an Honorable Mention in the Best American Mystery Stories 2007, edited by Carl Hiaasen, for a short story called, “Capacity to Kill” which is published in the Thuglit Anthology Hardcore Hardboiled by Kensington Press and can be found on Kindle released as Stories From Locker 13: Capacity To Kill.

Donovan, along with his twin brother Adam, formed a production company in 2004 and have produced and directed films which were screened in over 40 film festivals across the country. They won over 20 awards for their films and screenplays, and several of the films have aired on TV. Donovan and Adam won a Rocky Mountain Emmy® Award for “Reveille” on October 6th, 2007. Reveille can be found on DVD at Amazon.

Their production company, Brothers’ Ink Productions, released their latest feature film to theaters and stores nationwide in 2014. Locker 13 is a thriller anthology movie and stars Ricky Schroder, Rick Hoffman, Jon Gries, Jon Polito, Bart Johnson, Curtis Armstrong, and Jason Marsden. Locker 13 can be currently found on DVD and Digital at Amazon and iTunes.

Donovan created the 100 Years blog on their website, www.brothers-ink.com and www.bestmoviestunts.com as a way to bring exposure to the great stunts in the movies over the years and looks forward to publishing a book based on his research called 100 Years of the Best Movie Stunts.

  1. Competitive Titles

There are two main book titles that are about movie stunts and both of them are autobiographies:  The True Adventures of the World’s Greatest Stuntman: My Life as Indiana Jones, James Bond, Superman and Other Movie Heroes written by Vic Armstrong and Stuntman!: My Car-Crashing, Plane-Jumping, Bone-Breaking, Death-Defying Hollywood Life written by Hal Needham.

Both of these are fantastic books and have done very well sales-wise.  Both of these books are long detailed accounts of the lives and movies of these two specific stuntmen.  Their core audience would have to be familiar with them and their movies and want to read the detailed accounts behind each of their films.

100 Years of the Best Movie Stunts would include the audiences of these two books, but would also include anyone who wants a quick read with fun trivia and a few keys stories behind the best action films over the last 100 years.  Also, the short chapters and great photos would be very attractive for people who are used to modern media where quick and easy to read is attractive and easy to put down for short bursts of interesting reading.  People who love lists would also find this to be a great addition.

  1. Marketing and Promotion

The 100 Years Blog on the Brothers’ Ink Productions website has been doing well and gaining a steady following.  The Blog will continue to offer daily posts on movies and the stories about the people behind them.  I would love to also advertise the book on IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) and in several magazines like Entertainment Weekly, People and US and in daily newspapers like the Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

It may be possible to get some top stunt and movie professionals to contribute to the blurb for the books as Brothers’ Ink Productions has some relationships with actors in the Industry and the Blog has been getting favorited and retweeted by several industry professionals over the past several months.  I can reach out and get a few testimonials before printing of the book if a publisher is interested with the contacts I have and feel they would add to the appeal of the book.

The book lends itself extremely well to excerpts in magazines, journals and the Internet due to the segmentation of each chapter into years and specific movies and people.  For example, the Official Audie Murphy website alone has been shared over 4600 times on Facebook and has over 4100 people signed in their guestbook and would love Chapter 43 about Audie Murphy and To Hell and Back. Their website even has a section which details books that mention Audie Murphy and would be interesting to his fans.  This would just really multiply when you consider that this book will list over 100 movies, and over 100 famous people all with fanbases from around the world, not including the main subjects of car stunts, high falls, martial arts, slapstick comedy, westerns, sword fighting, cliffhangers, fist fighting, stunt choreography, stunt direction, fire burns, and so much more.

My background as an Indie Filmmaker and Author would make me very interesting to Film Festivals across the world that would invite me to speak of the subject of Filmmaking (I have an Emmy Award and have written and directed feature films) and about the book.  We could discuss how to break into the business as well as have discussions about film history and the making and performance of any of the films and stunts listed in the book.  This could also include speaking at film schools as well as colleges across the US to promote the book as well.

The book also can be updated and made “new” every year, simply by adding the new chapter for the next year and possibly even some additional chapters for honorable mentions or stunt professional biographies and filmographies.  We also intend for this book to be the first in a series of “100 Years” books and future books would also be pulled from posts on the blog and could include 100 Years of the Best Forgotten Films, 100 Years of the Best Hollywood Overnight Successes, 100 Years of the Most Horrifying Hollywood Deaths, 100 Years of the Most Shocking Hollywood Scandals and 100 Years of the Best Comedies.


Unsung heroes.  Stunt Men and Women, along with Stunt Coordinators and Second Unit / Action Directors have created some of the most thrilling moments ever seen in the movies.  100 Years of the Best Movie Stunts celebrates those moments and the Stunt Teams behind them.  To be truly effective in creating this movie magic, these people have been risking their lives and serious injury and have virtually remained unknown, and unrecognized for over a century.

Going back over the last 100 years, 100 Years of the Best Movies Stunts, picks 1 movie every year to recognize their stunt achievements and to tell the stories, incredible trivia, and interviews from the people that were there behind and in front of the camera.  From Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd in the early days of cinema through the exciting westerns with Yakima Canutt and John Wayne to the silver screen of the swashbucklers of Douglas Fairbanks and Errol Flynn through the golden years and the thrilling cliff hanger serials like Spy Smasher, Captain Marvel and the grand epics like Ben Hur and Spartacus to Hal Needham, Vic Armstrong, and Terry Leonard and fantastic car chases to James Bond, Indiana Jones and Mission Impossible with stars like Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan, modern hair-raising thrill-rides we see on the big screen today.

371 Pages, full of over 300 color and black and white photos!

Sample pages:

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