Cast and Stunt Performers for Black Hawk Down


When a film has prolonged action throughout, it can be easy for the actors to sometimes forget that they are literally making a movie as they can spend months in the trenches. This is a good example with Eric Bana on this film. This was his first major motion picture, his US film premiere and he later went on to say that the experience was an ultra-realistic one and that he frequently forgot that they were only making a movie.Black

There is a great documentary on the making of this movie (it’s actually longer than the movie itself) called, The Essence of Combat: The Making of Black hawk Down. It shows a lot of what the stunt performers and the actors went through to create the incredible footage of the film. The film actually uses four Black Hawks from the US Military.blackhawkdown3

Many of the actors bonded with the soldiers who trained them for their roles. Actor Tom Sizemore later said,”What really got me at training camp was the Ranger Creed. I don’t think most of us can understand that kind of mutual devotion. It’s like having 200 best friends and every single one of them would die for you.”

Black Hawk Down was directed by Ridley Scott for Revolution Studios.blackhawkdown

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