Terence Hill and Bud Spencer in They Call Me Trinity (Lo Chiamavano Trinita)


[fliiby]https://flii.by/file/fpsa9cotxhr/[/fliiby] Sometimes an award is given because it is the first of a long line of films, either direct sequels or imitators.  Like Die Hard, as an example.  When Die Hard came around all of a sudden there were a ton of films just like it, including the rest of the Die Hard sequel’s trying to put the elements together that made the first one so popular.  It becomes a phenomenon and it almost becomes a sub-genre of it’s own.  They Call Me Trinity (1970) is one of these films.  The first of many Trinity films to come and the first of a slew of Spaghetti Western Comedies that would follow.they bud and terence

Terence Hill and Bud Spencer are magic together.  This was the fifth time on screen together and this one film is arguably their best.  It made them world-wide stars.  They would go on to do 18 films together and is one of the most successful screen partnerships of all time.  The fight scenes are hilarious and brilliant.  Brings Jackie Chan to mind and even though he does it better and amps them up to the extreme, Hill and Spencer were first.  The silent choreography is also reminiscent of Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd.

What’s also interesting about They Call Me Trinity is that Terence Hill was not the producers first choice.  After the success of Django in 1966, producers wanted Franco Nero for the role, but when he became unavailable, they hired Hill because he looks a lot like Nero.  They hit paydirt because Hill ended up being a genius as a comedian.  It’s also interesting because Hill did a followup to Django in 1968 called Django Prepare a Coffin and he played Django, again because he looked like Nero.  After Trinity was released and a big hit, Django Prepare a Coffin was re-released and cut to resemble a Trinity movie and the name of his character was even changed in French to Trinita.they terence hill

They Call Me Trinity is directed by Enzo Barboni as E. B. Clucher for West Film.

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