Zoe Bell and Deathproof


Although the main bad guy in this film is called, “Stuntman Mike”, it is a stunt-woman that performs the spectacular stunts in the chase scene at the end.  Zoe Bell is riding the hood during the long and grueling chase with Stuntman Mike.  For those of you that were upset that I didn’t give the Best Movie Stunt to Kill Bill vol. 1 or vol.2 can, at the very least, be assured that Zoe Bell the stuntwoman for Uma Thruman in those movies for Quentin Tarantino gets the nod for this movie.Zoe Bell in DeathproofZoe Bell was born on Waiheke Island, New Zealand, to Tish, a nurse, and Andrew Bell, a doctor. She has a background in gymnastics and martial arts. She began working as a stunt woman when she doubled Lucy Lawless on the cult favorite TV series Xena: Warrior Princess (1995). Bell also appeared as a double in the ABC thriller Alias (2001) before starting work with Quentin Tarantino on the Kill Bill flicks.  Deathproof

They shot the chase sequence in Death Proof for six full weeks.  Zoe Bell said in an interview about the sequence, “We got a hell of a lot of footage. The takes we were doing were so long, we would just drive from one end of that road to the other over and over. I know that road backwards with my eyes closed! We would pretty much shoot the whole way. I couldn’t hear anything once we started rolling because I’m strapped to the bonnet with wind and stuff. I would rehearse whole sequences and we would just go for three or five minutes straight. Exhausting, mate!”Crash in Deathproof

Deathproof was directed by Quentin Tarantino for Troublemaker Studios.

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