Cast and Crew of Titanic


This is one of those rare movies that would have won every award it’s nominated for just because of the incredible scope of the production. It’s hard not giving it the best movie stunt nod for that year as the stunts for cast and crew was enormous. Another example of a film where the crew deserves the award just as much as the stunt performers and the actors as everything is harder and more formidable when done in water.titanic4n-3-web

There was more water poured on these sets than any other movie in history. For example, when the scene where a wall of water bursts through a doorway was first shot, James Cameron said that the 40,000 gallons of water dumped into the corridor set were not enough, and asked for triple that amount. The set had to be rebuilt to stand up under the additional weight of water.

The water scared everyone. Approximately 120 tons of water were released for Eric Braeden’s final scene. Braeden said that he has never been more terrified in his life than when he was preparing for it, as there was obviously no possible physical rehearsal. And then in the scene of Rose looking through the corridors for Jack, the water used was actually from the Pacific Ocean at the Baja California, Mexico set. The water was so cold that when Rose gasps when she first dives into the water, it was actually Kate Winslet’s genuine reaction to the frigid ocean.

Titanic was directed by James Cameron for 20th Century Fox.Titanic-tit

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