Pat Finn, Comedy King in a World of Jokers


Last year we had the good fortune to work with the amazing and hilarious Pat Finn. You may not recognize his name (yet) but you’ve surely seen his face once or twice in the last fifteen years if you’ve been watching TV for any length of time. Fifteen years is a long time. Did I just age myself? Well, even if you’ve been watching for the last five years…Toyota and Pat Finn

He’s done a lot of TV and can be seen most frequently as PAT in the Toyota Commercials and at times on the ABC sitcom, The Middle. He’s also a founding member of LA’s Comedy Improv Troupe, Beer Shark Mice. ┬áBrothers’ Ink had him come to Phoenix last year to take part in a video series of interviews with comedy greats for a show currently titled, Inside the Laughter Studio for our upcoming Laugh University website. We also had him headlining at the Jester’Z Improv Comedy at the Mesa Riverview.David-Koechner-and-Pat-Finn

Pat’s Toyota Commercials are directed by the fantastic Jordan Brady of Superlounge.┬áBoth of them work magic together as they both come from a background in comedy. Jordan was a stand-up comedian before finding his passion for directing national TV spots. Pat grew his funnybone in Chicago’s ImprovOlympic Theatre alongside comedian’s Chris Farley, Ian Gomez, Jon Favreau, Tim Meadows and Rachel Dratch and with Second City of Chicago. When he came out to LA he eventually continued with Improv by forming the Troupe, Beer Shark Mice alongside David Koechner, Neil Flynn, Michael Coleman, and Peter A. Hulne.Pat Finn Marsha Mason Patricia Heaton Julie Brown

His partner in Beer Shark Mice, Neil Flynn, is a series regular and Patricia Heaton’s husband on The Middle, featured on ABC. Pat plays a neighbor of theirs and husband to comedian Julie Brown, but can be seen over the years in TV Shows; Ed, Seinfeld, Murphy Brown, 3rd Rock From the Sun, Friends, That 70’s Show, The Drew Carey Show, The King of Queens and so, so much more! His movies include, Dude, Where’s My Car?, The Bachelor, Space Buddies and It’s Complicated. He’s an incredibly talented and hilarious guy and we sure hope we get the chance to work with him again.Pat Finn Donovan Montierth Adam Montierth