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Brothers’ Ink holds pop culture collectible auctions on Proxibid every week from Wed to Sunday. These auctions include comics, posters, toys and games, tv show, movie and music related memorabilia, collectibles and antiques.


This Week’s Auction:


Thinking about that comic collection gathering dust?

Where should you go to sell your comics? How do you get the best price for them? And how do you ensure they’re going to a good home?

Going through a comic book separation is tough. Really tough. You have absorbed every page, every panel, every line. But circumstances change. Maybe your collection has got out of hand, or you can’t keep up the habit, or perhaps your better half is questioning your first love. If so, it may just be time to rehabilitate your collection into the comic-reading community.

However, you don’t want to just give them away. You need to make sure your collection fetches the right money. Consider consigning your comic collection, or even just a portion of your collection with us!

Try 10-20 issues in the next auction, see how we operate and follow the results! If you are happy with the sale on those then think about consigning a batch with us every week and you can see a regular cash flow each week.


We also:

  • Provide you with a spreadsheet of your items in the auction the week before so you can track and see how we’ve titled, described and photographed your items.
  • We do all the Pre-Auction (photos, title, description, marketing) and all the Post-Auction (packaging, invoicing, shipping, credit card processing).
  • We send out a Newsletter to our bidders every Wednesday after an online auction has gone live AND…
  • We also Text all of our bidders every Sunday to remind them when the auction closes!
YES, I’m interested in finding out more about Consigning my collection with Brothers’ Ink Auctions!
So that we know where your collection is. We are in Phoenix, Arizona. If you live here in the valley we can come to you!

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