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Gary Cooper in Tux

The Man From Montana

The following article is written by Jim Tully and first appeared in The New Movie Magazine in August 1931. He …

DC and Marvel Key Comics Batman 100 (1956) Auction

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Marvel and Disney Silver Age Comics and Collectibles Auction

Brothers’ Ink holds pop culture collectible auctions on Proxibid. These auctions include comics, posters, toys and games, tv show, movie …

Cover Image of Front Page Woman

Front Page Woman (1935) By The Numbers

I’m starting a new category today for a slew of upcoming blog posts where I analyze a specific movie and …


nancial Conflicts of Interest – One of the earliest problems to be encountered by the independent film producer in seeking foreign pre-sales financing for their films is the fact that all of these people want to be paid and, of course, should be paid, but they all get paid before the producer, and anyone else relying on a share of the producer’s profit participation.

Shazam or Captain Marvel? Will The Real Captain Marvel Please Stand Up?

#RealCaptainMarvel #Shazam #FawcettLostMyName #MightAsWellBeCaptainThunder #ShazamWasTheWizardsName I’m going to take a moment to mention something that falls into the category of, …

Why is No-one Talking About Logan Marshall-Green in Upgrade?

I don’t single out actors very often…rather as often as I should, but sometimes a performance is so perfect that …