Little Known Facts About Mary Pickford


• Stage producer David Belasco gave Mary her stage name in 1908. Her real name, Gladys Marie Smith, wasn`t right for an actress on his stage. “Gladys” didn`t suit the diminutive actress, “Smith” was too common, “Marie” was too foreign. “Marie” became “Mary”. “Pickford” was her mother`s maiden name. Years later, a fan who traced her family tree found that the name “Mary Pickford” occurred several times in her mother`s family going back to the 12th century.
• Pickford charmed producer David Belasco on their first meeting. When he asked, “So you want to be an actress, little girl?”, she cagily replied, “No, sir. I have been an actress. I want to be a good actress.”
• In October 1911, a court voided her contract with IMP because she was a minor when she signed it. As a result, she left IMP for the Majestic Company for $275/week.
• Became a US citizen on her marriage to Douglas Fairbanks, but later reclaimed her Canadian citizenship and died a dual US/Canadian citizen.
• First star (along with husband Douglas Fairbanks) to officially place hand and footprints in the cement at Grauman`s Chinese Theatre (April 30, 1927).
• Was named #24 on The American Film Institute 50 Greatest Screen Legends.
• The house in which she lived in Hollywood for most of her life was nicknamed “Pickfair”.
• Was Joan Crawford`s mother-in-law, while Crawford was married to Pickford`s son, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
• Measurements: 33 1/4-25-36 (from her dress designer).
• She and husband Fairbanks were friends of the Edsel Fords (Henry Ford`s son). In the Edsel & Eleanor Ford home at 1100 Lake Shore Rd., Grosse Point Shores, MI there hangs in the study an autographed photo of her signed “Mary Pick-A-Ford”, c. 1932.
• She became estranged from daughter Roxanne for a time when she, at age eighteen, ran off to marry a man her parents did not approve of.
• She had intended to have all of her films destroyed after her death, fearing that no one would care about them. She was convinced not to do this.


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